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Develop ineo+ 2070 Digital Press

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Key Statistics


A4 Prints Per Hour


SRA3 Prints Per Hour


Maximum Stock Weight


Maximum DPI


The ineo+ 2070 digital colour press can deliver seventy one pages per minute without sacrificing colour image quality and stability. This model’s design focuses on quality and speed and delivers on both counts. This makes it a highly productive output device for the commercial print and print for pay markets. 

The top range model features a simple touchscreen control panel and features that rival offset printers, including pinpoint registration and excellent solids. The ineo+ 2070 is perfectly designed for print environments that have a wide range of applications and require flexibility.

• Completely redesigned engine.
• Pinpoint front to back registration by adding registration swing mechanism for a very close to offset precision.
• New suction fed 3 tray paper feed unit for very good handling of wide variety of coated or uncoated stock up to 350GSM
• New and improved HDE toner for superior quality on solid colour areas. Enhanced magenta pigments for better red hues.
• Energy saving due to lower fusing temperature.

• Additional toner density control for each paper feed tray.
• Real-time engine calibration for consistent printout.
• Mechanical decurling with software control in each tray.
• Long sheet mode available – up to 1200 mm.
• 13,000 sheet maximum output capacity.
• Flexible choice of controllers with 2 EFI Fiery controllers or the Konica-Minolta proprietary controller.

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