20th April 2017 PPPdeveloper

Develop Launch the 2060L, 2060 and 2070 models

Develop have recently launched the upgrade range for the ineo+ 1060L1060 and 1070, the new models are the 2060L2060 and 2070. Konica Minolta is branding the devices as AccurioPress, therefore, dropping the bizhub tag. The new range has a range of enhancements and improvements:

Media Handling

350 gsm media support

The new 2060 and 2070 models offer support for 350gsm media with the introduction of the PF-707 finisher. The PF-707 finisher has an Air Suction Belt Feed mechanism which is introduced from the mono range, therefore, is proven in the field. The other feed trays including the bypass are still rated to 300 gsm but interestingly all the models, including the 2060L are able to duplex 350 gsm.

New banner tray

The LU-202XL banner tray is a new option to the range and offers a 1,000 sheet capacity for sheets up to 750mm long. It’s worth pointing out that the maximum sheet length via the bypass is still 1,200mm. The is an envelope kit for this tray which enables offers an enhanced envelope printing experience.

Finishing Options

4 different booklet finishers

The new range offers 4 different booklet finishers. The FS-612 is the entry level booklet finisher, saddle stitching up to 20 sheets at 80gsm and has folding and insertion capabilities. There is also a booklet maker option for the larger FS-531 finisher which will again staple 20 sheets in booklet mode. The next step up is the SD-506 which has been available for some time, this device folds each sheet individually and then staples through up to 50 sheets and offers a fore-edge trim.  The new SD-513 takes booklet making to the next level this device will also staple up to 50 sheets but also has options for square backing of the books, creasing and a slitting unit so giving a 3 edge trim.

Front End

5 controller options

There are 5 different controller options across the range. The Konica Minolta/ Develop own brand RIP the IC-603A is the entry level model and is useful if budget is tight or only basic colour management is required. There are two EFI Fiery options the internal IC-417 and the more powerful external IC-313 giving industry standard control capabilities. In addition the Fierys there is now a Creo RIP the  IC-314 this introduces some of Kodak’s tools and there is an option for native printing AFP and IPDS files. The last option is for installations where control is required over multiple devices – the Color Care Production server and suite.


Overall this looks like an impressive uplift on an already popular and successful range of print engines. Image quality and media handling has always been a feature and with the improvements that have been made they can only make it better. The finishing options give you the same quality as the high-end presses without the footprint or the large price tag. To find out more either give us a call or fill in one of the contact forms and one of us will follow it up.

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