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Why Choose OKI’s Pro 9431dn?

Why Choose OKI’s Pro 9431dn?

When it comes to buying a printer, it’s rarely as simple as it need to be. Everything from print resolution to toner capacity can weigh in on your decision making, that’s even before you get to issues like energy efficiency and print times.

For graphic designers. The choice becomes an even tougher one; you need a printer which not only presents your work exactly as you intended it, but it has to print reliably, quickly and in large numbers without needing attention.

With those demands in mind, there are few printers more capable than the OKI Pro 9431dn, but why should you choose the Pro 9431? Here are three huge reasons:

  •  When designing the Pro 9431dn’s feature list, OKI set about attempting to make a printer that, yes, produced stunning results for graphic and creative industries, but also excelled as an all-purpose printer. That intention is realised brilliantly in the Pro 9431dn, which is capable of serving office applications just as well as it does creative applications. For your business, that means fewer required printers and cost savings across the board.The printer supports A6 to SRA3 and banner lengths up to 1.3m, and can print on paper stock up to 360gsm single sided and 320gsm duplex. Couple that with effortless printing on gloss paper, film, transfer paper, waterproof paper and others, and you’ve got a very versatile printer.
  • Stunning colours.OKI have developed a strong reputation over their over 130 years of existence for excellent colour reproduction, and that legacy is upheld here. The Pro 9431dn uses digital LED technology and their custom Multi-Level ProQ tech to produce the sharpest and most vibrant prints possible.With a print resolution of 1200 x 1200 dpi and full compatibility with EFI Fiery® XF for advanced colour management, you can be certain of superb colour reproduction.
  • The Pro 9431dn presents a highly competitive value proposition against comparable printers, with a low initial cost and ultra-high capacity printer cartridges which go further than rival toner cartridges.Additionally, separate toners and drums mean reduced wastage, helping you to save money print after print.

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