27th January 2017 PPPdeveloper

New Production Print Demo Suite

Over the summer we have been working on providing a demonstration suite to test and showcase our new and used digital production print presses. The air conditioned unit will allow to host up to 3 machines at a time and invite prospective customers to come and try before they make any important purchasing decisions.

We keep a range of medias in-house for testing purposes but we invite our customers to bring their own stock and their own files so we can test the capabilities of the engines on the real life jobs you have to produce.

We intend to host a range of Konica Minolta / Develop engines such as the 6000L, 6000, 7000 and 1060’s which will allow us to have a competitive offering at all price points from entry level through to established users with high volume requirements.

We will be looking to add more functionality and capabilities to the demo suite as we believe necessary and we believe that it helps to set us apart from our peers.

Below you can see how the suite was created.

We weren’t short of space in the ware house but decided we needed a much better environment to showcase the machines, somewhere where we could control the environment, temperature, and humidity. Thats when we decided to build the demo suite. We had a bit of fun building this ourselves in the evenings and at weekends. Below is how it all came together.

C7000 placed where the suite will be

We built the timber frame around a C7000 we had in stock and in fact the buyer came and viewed the machine while the suite was still just a frame.

The frame starting to take shape

The frame is up and needs reinforcing before the roof timbers go on.

The addition of the roof certainly made the whole structure a bit more rigid and give a good perspective of how it’s going to turn out.

With the roof on the next stage was to board up the walls and ceiling.

Boarding up the walls

Once the boards were up it was time to call in some experts, plastering isn’t part of our skill set so a gang of pro’s made light work of it.

The plasterers have been in to do their thing

A lick of paint makes anything look better and it certainly made this feel much more like to room we were hoping it would be. Next it was level the floor and get the lights and cabling done.


If you would like to come and have a working demonstration of any of our stock machines then please give us a call on 0333 456 7777 and we would be delighted to see you.
production print uk demo suite PE19 5XW